Rajko Đurić: The Moon (From Romani)

The Moon
By Rajko Đurić
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

The moon laughs
around the fire
The sobs rise
the laugh descends. 
The firmament smells of weeping
we, of laughter
If the moon loses her sight
and our eyes open wide,
Who then will be able to tell
where the wing of weeping
and the wing of laughing

The Original:

O Ćhonut

O ćhonut asal
trujal e jag
O rovipe urăvel
o asape mekhlŏl tele
O d'el khandel p-o rovipe
amen p-o asape
Te o ćhonut rorravòla
te amen dikhàsa
kon vakarèla
Kaj e phak rovimasqe
thaj e asamasqe
ka arakhandon

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